Hi I am Jan.

I shortly crossed the border of 19 years and feel a bit old right now. I have a younger brother, called Nils he’s 17 years old and (I think) the complete difference from myself.

My hobbies are travelling, eating and going to the gym.

I live in switzerland close to the lake of zurich. I try to show you as much from my holidays and travelling as possible!
Also because I love travelling, I try to show you some stuff you can do if you go on holiday by yourself or try to help you out with gadgets or other equipment!




Affiliate marketing

First of all I want to say, I may not use them often but when I use affiliate marketing links, these are just for you, so you could get the same object as I do and in the same purchasing process you support me and my work.

Ofcourse this will not have any affect to your price!! You get the same price as if you would hit it up over the seller itself!

The price will only change if I’m giving away some coupons or other vouchers for something!