Another one! Today I am flying Swiss from Zurich over to New York to my 6 days city trip, here I show you the flight my seat and my overall opinion about the flight in the New ranking System!

The overall experience

As usual the Swiss experience is fine. There isn’t much to complain in every Swiss flight I took. There is just one huge minus point in the entire fleet of Swiss, the age of the aircrafts – 13 years is the average age… for example Etihads average is 6 years. So the plane it self is most of the time very outdated, ugly seats, unpleasant IFE-Screen and some more other points, which I do not have to mention 🙂

Back to the rating.

On the ground

Our flight departed from Zurich International Airport (Airportcode ZRH) normaly transports over 27 million people a year. That’s more than 3 times every citizen from Switzerland.

Check-in in Zurich

Because we checked in Online, we only had to drop off our luggage at the T1 terminal in Zurich. Further the check in situation at the airport is always very orderly and is done quickly. The stuff at the check in is very friendly and courteous.

Security Check and pastime

After the normal boarding pass control station, at the airside center, are the Duty-Free stores, some other shops and coffees. Also (if you are flying business or first class) you can enter the aviable lounges like the Emirates, the Swiss or the Aspire lounge on the different Terminals.

164362 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

This is the airside center with a nice view on the runway

If you are intressted in Planespotting, while waiting for your connection or departuring flight, I can recommend you to try the terrace above the Midfield-runway (Gate E).

Completion of Boarding

We had to board our plane at the gate E67, which is normally an A380 gate, but for reasons, there was no A380 waiting. Due to some unnamed issues our boarding got delayed about 30 minutes, but that’s totally fine. Also here, the stuff on ground and on board was very friendly. The over all boarding was completed about 25 minutes after opening the Gate, but the Take-off got delayed again, because the staff had some problem counting the passengers, because the guests, kept standing up and go to other seats or the toilets. annoying.

DSC04336 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

That’s the lounge entrance above Gate E. A small but good lounge.

DSC04338 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

this is the “contract” or “ticket” for the lounge entrance

DSC04339 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

thanks to the location above the midfield runway you can enjoy your drink or what else while plane spotting

DSC04340 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

The lounge was a bit small, but because it was early in the morning, we had no problem with finding a place to sit

DSC04345 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

Our first breakfast, simple and delicious and yeah, I had the gummy bears.

DSC04348 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines DSC04349 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

DSC04350 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

This is the complimentary fod and beverage bar at the lounge. everything here was free and very good 🙂

DSC04351 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

This is the scrambled egg and a croissont. As well as a cheese bar 🙂 very good

The seat & food

As I already told above, the seat isn’t that great, because of the very old plane (specificly our plane was 15 years old) but that’s how it is.


DSC04385 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

The switch from 4 to 3 in the middle row



The seat space was ok, there was a decent space in front of my knees, if the seat pocket in front was empty, as soon as you filled something in, like a book, the pocket touched your knees and gave you some more restrictions. Further if your fellow voyager thinks he has to recline his or her seat now, your legroom might be as big as a rathole. DSC04364 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines


The cleanliness was as decent as it can be on an old airplane… moderate.
Under the lid of my remote control was a lot of dirt and it was really greasy, I hope this will get a bit better in the future, because this will kill Swiss.

Food & it’s Quality

We had in total two choices for our lunch. The vegetarian and the normal version. Special about the Swiss standart food is, that the vegetarian version of the lunch/dinner comes from a pretty famous restaurant and club in Zurich, the Hiltl.

DSC04388 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

This was the normal version of the lunch. Here in that one you got chicken ragout with rösti and beans. Very tasty and well cooked. Sadly, I am an idiot and forgot to take an opened picture of it. But trust me it was tasty. Next to the main dish was some regular stuff, like bread, salad and a carrot cake.

DSC04391 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

DSC04392 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

This was the vegetarian version of the lunch, it looked disgusting, and it wasn’t that tasty but just because it had eggplant in it.

For dessert we had some Mövenpick Mango sorbet and a “chäschüechli” just a cheesecake. It both was very good and the cheesecake even was warm, amazing end of the airplanelunch.

DSC04397 1024x683 - ZRH-JFK Swiss int. Airlines

the sorbet and the cheesecake


The beveragerange was normal and fine over all. You had access to alcoholic beverages like Gintonic or beer. Nothing to special.

Stuff and the service

The service is always a personal thing, so do not hang me on my opinion.


The stuff at swiss is always very friendly and I like to fly with them, mostly because they speak Swissgerman as well as I do 😀 but that’s not the key. They always try to be friendly and help, but every other flight attendant tries this too.


Just fine, overall, nothing to complain.


On ground: 6.2
Check-In: 7/10
Security Check: 6/10
Boarding: 5.5/10

Seat&food: 5.8/10
seatspace: 5/10
cleanliness: 4/10
foodquality: 8/10
beverage: 6/10

Stuff: 7/10
Stuff: 8/10
service: 6/10

Overall rating: 6.33/10

A solid 6.3, you can’t complain about that. Thank you Swiss

So that’s my complete and in detail flight review. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments.
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