A new Flightrankinsystem

On my latest trip, I made my way over to the United States of America again. Later I’ll show you how I felt about my flight with the “hometown” airline Swiss international.

A new system

As I already told on Instagram, I haven’t been that happy in the past with the quality of my posts, so I decided to start a rating system. That means, if, in example, I fly with Swiss, a long haul flight, there will be a rating, the same for mid haul and short haul flights. Of course there will be huge differences between each, but overall there I think this should be a good way to rate the entire flights I will do in the future.

How it will work

I’ll rate the flight in 3 top categories and each will have sub categories (some more, some less).
1. Category: on ground

the Airport, even if this hasn’t much to do with the flight itself, this is a very important piece of your travel journey, not only the departure airport, the arrival airport is as significant for a good overall experience. In this category are the sub categories

  • Check-in (or baggage drop-off)
  • Security check and possibility to kill time
  • completion of the boarding

This is more or less the on ground category, if I think in the future there has to be a more detailed way to rate the flights, I will add this points later. This counts for every of the three categories.

2. Category: the seat & food

This is of course a definition and depends on what anybody likes. Just for side, I am 1.9m tall and rate the seats of course in my personal way. If you are way taller or smaller, this may not apply to you and your attitude of flying. Further I am a very picky person if it comes to food, so may I hate the dish they serve on the plane, but you will love it. Rating on the second category is so a personal opinion and you can set the points somewhere else if you want. (this category includes the most photographs and video files on my YouTube channel (link coming soon) so you can rate it by yourself.

The subcategories in this specific category, will be:

  • seat space (this includes legroom, arm rests and traytable)
  • cleanliness
  • foodquality and variety as well as the taste (ofc 🙂 )
  • beveragerange
3. Cateogry: service staff

This may also be a bit a personal rating, but not as much as the seat comfort and everything. Here is the only subcategory the friendliness of the employees.

So this is the new ranking system from me, I am not sure if I should start a Scoreboard, where you can see the ranking of the airlines, this will may come in a future update (because it’s a bit boring to see 2 flights on a scoreboard)

All of these categories will be rated from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 the worst.

I hope you enjoy this adjustment in ranking and if you got any more tipps to implement please let me know in the comments!


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