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So, finally I made it to buy a new camera 🙂 As you may have seen on previous Instagram posts, as well as on previous blog posts, the quality of my pictures wasn’t that good… So


Thats why I decided to buy the (even if it is out of date) Sony Alpha A6000. I bought the Sony cam because of multiple reasons. But mainly because I support Sony in total! I only use Sony products at home as far as this is possible, so the decision was really easy. My particular camera is the basic kit version with the 16mm-50mm kit lens. So nothing special for the start (because this stuff is silly expensive..)

sony alpha a6000 - #010 Travel like I do - my NEW gear!


Over all this is not a tech-blog so I won’t describe everything as precisious as I could.. If you want to know more facts about the camera itself just take a look at these two guys

But there are a few facts I have to tell you about it.

First, it has an APS-C Sensor which means, there is a crop of 1.6x which is important while buying lenses for your camera. An 12mm Lens for a DSLR looks diffrent than for a mirrorless system. So if you take my example of the 12mm lens, on your normal  Canon or Nikon this will be 12mm for sure, but on my Sony this will be 12mm x1.6 so 19.2mm. This numbre tells you how wide angle your lens will be. Further there is actually no other minus point (if you can use the crop as minus?) to this camera.

Only one more thing which could affect my future projects of filming my trips for Youtube is, that there is neither 120fps 1080p nor 4k. But that is critic on a very high level.


The cameras baseprice on Amazon is 650$ which (in my opinion) is a bit much, because here in Switzerland I only paid about 550$ for it.. So maybe if there are no better deals around wait two or three more months to threat yourself with your first or maybe second camera. But if you need one right now which takes good pictures as you take it out of the box, definitely go with the A6000 Kit.

digitec 1 - #010 Travel like I do - my NEW gear!

I had a valid birthday coupon, that’s why my camera was a bit cheaper but still 600$ is totaly worth it and I would buy it again if I had to. Maybe, I would upgrade to an A7r2 (but not for specs reason, just because I like having new stuff) 🙂


As I wrote before, I’ll mainly use this camera for my trip reviews, pictures for Instagram and my futher Youtube “career”. This will help me to get better looking pictures with a bit more effort to it, but actually this is really fun, I love taking pictures of all different things which just appear or maybe are planned.

Stay tuned for updates on my camera usage and of course the pictures I take with them.

Here are some mpressions!

DSC00776 1024x576 - #010 Travel like I do - my NEW gear! DSC00795 1024x576 - #010 Travel like I do - my NEW gear! DSC00834 1024x640 - #010 Travel like I do - my NEW gear! DSC00897 1024x576 - #010 Travel like I do - my NEW gear!As you may can see I like these moody shots..
Tell me what camera have you got!

See you the next time


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