new york - #009 Travel like I do. – My first time in the USA!!! Day 4/4

Probably one of the worst days of the entire month… The final and last day in New York City.

1st Time “alone”

My uncle had his business meeting on the last day of our 4 Day Trip, which means, he had to go to the office at 8:00am and wasn’t back before 5:00pm, so I had an entire day by myself. Which I spent a bit dumb but, things happen 😀 So my last day in New York just was walking around the city, like about 2 times through SoHo and twice up the 5th AVE. The time was well spent but I think the next time (on Nov. 9th) I have to do some more planing about the City just to deliver some more content for you guys.

The ending

The last hour I spent at the Hotel. BTW I stayed at the Riu Plaza Hotel an amazing hotel with super friendly stuff with clean and cosy rooms. But then the Emirates Cab already arrived and took us on our way home…

The aftermath

Well after this 3 and a half day of New York City I have to say, I fell in love with the city at the first moment. Even thogh if the people mostly were a bit unfriendly on the street but thats how it is in a big city like NYC so I don’t really care about that. For my sightseeing I am pretty happy, I saw the most things you can see in 2 and a half days in the city itself. Mostly made possible because of the helicopter flight around Manhattan. I saw the One World Trade Center (which is a total recommendation, the show inside how it is built and stuff is just amazing… But don’t let me spoil too much and get your own ticket here)

Here are some more things you have to visit!

  • chinatown
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Top of the Rock
  • Grand central station

These are all the things I can tell you about my first time in New York! Stay tuned for the second time in November!


Jan 🙂

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