An other day in paradise

Yes, it was a short trip over all, only four days.. But actually I have seen everything you have to take a look at, if you are the first time in New York.

Top of New York

The third day overall has just been sightseeing and shopping too. We first went down to the Financial district of New York to get a look from the One World Trade center, all over Manhattan.DSC00928 - #008 Travel like I do. – My first time in the USA!!! Day 3/4this gave us a nice view all over the city. Here I had the best possibility to test out the zoom feature from my sony compact camera.

The result of the x30 Optical zoom really impressed myself and also my family. The result is pretty good and you can recognize that there are people on top of the Empire State Building. DSC00930 - #008 Travel like I do. – My first time in the USA!!! Day 3/4Of course the picture quality isn’t the best over all, but for about 200$ for the cam I really can’t and won’t complain. After this amazing experience we went shopping again and then he told me we had a “meeting”.

The Best way to sight seeing

So I thought, because it was a business trip for him, that we have a appointment with one of his co-workers or a client of his company but no, he trolled me. Without any detours we walked to the helipad at the eastside helipad of Manhattan, and I was still thinking that we will meet one of these co-workers from oversea. So we went in and there was a security-check and luggage control, slowly I noticed whats going on here, this isn’t a normal meeting. We actually had a roundtrip over Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty and then to the central park.

helicopter flight services - #008 Travel like I do. – My first time in the USA!!! Day 3/4

Even if I already flew helicopters a few times, this was the most special moment of the entire trip. To see all the stuff you have seen from the streets now from a birds perspective was breathtaking. The pilot was a friendly guy and telled us a story about New York and the special buildings. This was totally worth the money!

Cultures in another City

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about China Town, so I had to check it out by myself. This was like another country directly in the city. Everything is written in Chinese (or which ever other languages) so many Asian people walking around. Sadly there was a lot of black market stuff going on… I think like 15 guys wanted to sell my some Rolex watches or Louis Vuitton leather goodies, this was a bit disturbing but it wasn’t as insistent as it was in Dubai at the Gould souk. DSC00979 - #008 Travel like I do. – My first time in the USA!!! Day 3/4But still, the views and the ambience in the little (or bigger) alleys were beautiful and I fell in love with this.

A day which could have gone forever..

After this very cool day we went for dinner at a Steakhouse (sorry I can’t remember the name of it, but it was delicious). And in the evening we spent some time in the Central Park and the upper part of the 5th AVE. And right at that time when I sat down in my bed I fell a sleep, you literally think the days are longer in a city that never sleeps. Especially if you live on the rural side of a country.

Thank you and see you next time 🙂

Let me know your thoughts about this trip!

Greetings, Jan


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