The first time in the USA is for anyone a special time/moment if you do live here in Europe. I’ll tell you how my first time was and what was special about it.

So, I am 19 years old, and at least since 10 years I wanted to go to the USA just once in life. But my parents are not that intressted in travelling everywhere. So I had to go alone or with someone else. This year in 2017 my first time in the US was at the Big Apple, or New York City. I’ve chilled in Roma when my uncle wrote an SMS to me, where he asked me to go to NYC with him. Well I have to admit, I nearly had a heart attack at this moment because my childhood dream was about to come true. Here at this point, a massive Thank you Step for that!

Now to the journey itself. It was January the 28th 9 o’clock, and I had to get up because we were flying from Milano Malpensa (MXP). The reason why we flew from there was, because only Emirates leaves from there. So we made our way to MXP checked in, got through Security Check and went to the Lounge.DSC 0008 - #006 Travel like I do. - My first time in the USA!!! Day 1/4

This was one of the best moments in my entire life, when she at the check in told me I have a business class seat. WOW!

The lounge itself was already pretty amazing, good food, friendly stuff and it was empty, like totally! Further the flight, for sure it was BC but still, super relaxing and a perfect experience! My first time at the United States couldn’t start any better.

As soon as we arrived, we got through the border patrol and picked up our luggage. And went to our driver outside. (President Trump signed on that day an agreement which defined the entry of muslims) so we had a pretty big demonstration at the JFK airport, which was a bit unnecessary but ad to happen.

DSC 0033 - #006 Travel like I do. - My first time in the USA!!! Day 1/4

Five minutes after checking into our hotel, we made our way to the most famous place in New York (at least I think) the Times Square. You always hear about it how bright it is and how many people are there, but you have to see it yourself to belive it! Well, I think it was 11:00 pm or something like this and look at the amount of people here…

After we went to sleep real quick because we both were really tired and exhausted. But still an amazing first day of traveling…

Here a short impression of my flight. ( You actually already know how this looks if you seen my Post about the Emirates Business Class from DXB to ZRH)

DSC 0024 - #006 Travel like I do. - My first time in the USA!!! Day 1/4

Jup only food, but watch more on my Post!



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