Hand Baggage 01 - #003 Travel Like I Do. Handluggage Essential

Everytime I fly or just travel with the train somewhere, I prepare my hand luggage a few days before.

You ask why? Just because my complete trip and vacation just depends on how well I packed my handluggage…

I pack my bags and take with me…

Well this depends if I have a long haul flight waiting for me, or just a domestic short haul!

First for the short haul flight

So this means it’s mostly in Europe it self, which means that the most people speak english or german. This means I do not have to take a lot of translation stuff with me or documents, because Switzerland is in an agreement with other countries.

My personal handbag is a normal Hershel supply bagpackhershel e1502996409913 169x300 - #003 Travel Like I Do. Handluggage Essential

Which can fit a 15″ Laptop and a few folders!

Travel related stuff I take with me:

  • ID-Card/Passport
  • Cellphone (with boarding pass downloaded)
  • Print-out boarding pass

Well, the print-out boarding pass isn’t really required, but I don’t trust my battery at all 😀

The rest isn’t really necessary for having a pleasant journey but it’s important for me

Travel insignificant items:

  • Headphones
  • Notebook
  • Book’s
  • Sudoku
  • Pen and notepad (if I get creative)
  • and my personal medicine

Of course you can take so much more stuff on your flight, but does this really make it any better?

Some people take their own pillow and PJ’s on short haul flight, if you are one of these guys – keep going, if not your not. Depends on everybody himself.

Go on to the Long haul flights…

Here I take a few more stuff with me.

  • A paper with the place I’ll stay in (Hotel, Flat…)
  • Visa print out
  • Bubble gums
  • Toothbrush
  • Snack’s

similarly to the list before you can customize this list too, if you need!

You got any questions or more Tipps?

tell them us in the comment section!



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