Today I am going to show you another really usefull tipp to save money by travelling. Well the first one was about starting your journey from another airport, but thats not possible for everyone so you may use this one!

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Flight searchengines are not like google and yahoo, here you have to pay money to get a service. This money can be pulled out of your pocket really easy. Did you ever take a note about the price you had the first time visiting the page and the 40th time vistiting the page? Better you don’t do this anymore. Cookies are the troublemaker for you. Well a cookie basicly, is just a little file, which will be saved on your computer while visiting a page. This means, if you consistently visit a page like ebookers or expedia the price will rise everytime you visit the same flights.

Hint #1: If you want to save money, delete your cache and remove all cookies from your browser before booking flights. This will save you a lot of money.

Further another way to save money is to pick booking sites which do not demand any money for this action. For example, ebookers may charge you a little fee on your booking (you won’t notice this at all). So there are sites out there like skyscanner or kayak.

Hint #2: Kayak – allows you to filter a lot of stuff out
Skyscanner – will help you to find the cheapest flight over a month

A thrid way is ‘codesharing’. So if there is a specific flight you want to take, there could be a possibility if you take a look at the same flight on a partner airline page.
For example, I looked for a flight in May from London over to Las Vegas (roundtrip) which costs about 1000 CHF. But if you take a look at the partner of Delta, Virgin Atlantic it only costs about 900 CHF which means a saving of 100CHF. This may get you a taxiride from the airport to your hotel.

Hint #3: Always look at partner airlines pages to save another bit of money.

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This is one of may ways, to travel to amazing spots like that one!

Keep going on guys! Let me know about your opinion on my post – and tell us your secret!



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