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The first Tipp from a lot (I hope at least), to save a lot of money will be the airport location.

I first recognized this was on my flight to New York City. In my case I live in Switzerland near the lake of Zurich, which means I have about 40 minutes car ride to the International airport of Zurich. Which, to be honest, isn’t that long. flughafen - #001 Travel like I do.

So how should you safe money with booking a flight at Zurich airport? The easiest you can think off. Do not fly from ZRH! Yeah you have seen right. To save a lot of money, especially on long haul flights, just pick a airport close by in another country. In Switzerland this isn’t really a problem, we are not a big country, in my location there are 3 countries close (Italy, Germany, Austria)

Here, because all three countries are EU-states, it isn’t really important to pick one over another, so you just take the closest maybe.

There are multiple reasons to not pick an specific airport, for me the only important thing is the airline depaturing from there. But maybe for you there are other reasons like, duration of travel to the airport, the country where the airport is located or maybe the language. This is just a great way over all to save up money. I’ll show you an example.

I show you two different airlines flying to New York City (JFK) from ZRH (Zurich) and MXP (Milano). I’m goning to show you the business class from Emirates and the business class from Swiss int. Both flights are on the same date, and the cheapest price possible. The flights are leaving on 26 of january and come back at 30.1.18.

Here the direct compare. t n T 001 emirates - #001 Travel like I do.

Here is the flight with Emirates (the price is for one person) with an A380 directly from MXP. Now you may think: it can’t be this much expensiver at all. But you are wrong!

t n T 001 swiss - #001 Travel like I do.

Swiss would charge you 6500 CHF for the same flight, the only difference is the airport and of course the airline itself. well this makes a total difference if you take a change course from CHF to Euro 1:1.15 this will get you to a total of about 5652 Euro which means you would pay 3754 Euros more just for one person. Think about travelling with your wife, son or maybe your family.

So even if you had to travel to the airport first from Rapperswil in switzerland to the airport in Milano (which would cost about 1000 CHF btw.) this would still be 2700 Euros cheaper. With these 2700 saved Euros you could stay at a luxurious 5* Hotel in New York city and spend about 1000$ on shopping and sightseeing.

taxiprice zrh mxp - #001 Travel like I do.

A study showed that the average flight price compared to flights booked from ZRH are up to 40% cheaper from an airport after the border.

Why does something like this happen? Well here in switzerland, the curency is really strong and the taxes for airlines at an airport like ZRH are much higher than, at FFM or MXP. This is how the higher price is generated.

Hint: If you really want to save money on your flight, but still get an amazing experience, always check the airports in your surrounding. May this here helps you. It shows you, a circle on maps withing a defined distance.

This one is the first of a lot Tipps how to travell cheaper than others but still luxurious as you wish.

Sidefact: even the economy flex pricing at swiss is about 800 Euros higher than the business class price at Emirates -> always look twice!

As always tell me what you think about my post and share your secret tipps for saving money!

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