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First of all I have to say, that this was a complimentary upgrade so I havn’t been allowed to enter the Lounge above the gates. So the lounge won’t be a point in this review.

We had the flight EK87, with another A380 (the newer one). The flight took 6 hours straight and had no problems at all.

I’ve been able to enjoy the full on-board service, about the boarding and the airport first. I am not very happy with the airport departure section at all. It was very crowded even if there were only business class and first class customers. Although the ground stuff was very friendly and polite. DSC01170 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

The whole thing was very intressting. We got a complimentary upgrade for two persons and if you ask other people, they always say its impossible to get one for two persons without doing anything. Well, I guess, we just got lucky. 48 hours before I reservated the seats 55B/C, the day of our trip back home I got the seats 26J and 26G.

DSC01175 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

Seatguru tells me that these seats are not that good because, the toilets and the bar close by may be bothersome. flight 001 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

But even if there is a lot of walking by of guests and a lot of talking behind you because of the bar, this is actually complaining on a really high level, so I’ve been fine with this seat. This typical 1-2-1 layout known from multiple A380 is quiet comfortable and gives you a decent amount of privacy. Depending on which seat you are sitting.

Hint: If you travell alone – pick direct window seats (A/K)
If you are travelling with your partner – pick close seats (E/F)

DSC01180 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

The special about this seat is that there is a small “fridge” although it is not cooled, but it’s a nice way to serve some drinks without having more stuff activity. Also the tablet and the controller is pretty nice and feels high quality, with the wooden backplate. DSC01181 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

Next to your seat, there is a seat controller located right above the traytable. Where you get 3 different modis from Emirates themself. And there is a buttom to push your seat forward or backward, I think this option is for smaller people to get to the traytable easier.DSC01189 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

Let’s talk about the breakfast and the lunch, for breakfast I took the Continental breakfast, which got me some bread, butter, a yogurt, some meat and cheese and for the sweet one a little strawberry jam. For drinking I took the coffee and water.DSC01195 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class


Lunch was served about 2 hours before landing, which was a bit hard because I had breakfast like 2 hours ago. Although I had to take a three course meal to show you off the dishes. As you can see on the menu there are always three choices for each course, so you can take a load. The only thing I was able to eat (I am a bit picky) was the tomato soup with a fresh salad.

DSC01202 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

It was really delicious and felt freshly made. The bread was slightly warm and the salad was fine and crispy too. The only thing I can’t stand with is the italian salad sauce. But yeah, picky…
As the main course I’ve choosen the Prawn machbous, which is a middle eastern course. The rice had a good bite with it, salad still fresh and crispy, the prawns were perfectly tender and didn’t had a fishy stink.
DSC01201 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

For dessert, even if I had way to much at this flight, sounds so delicious that I had to pick one. So I took the passion fruit tart, which sounded pretty lean but was filling like pure butter.
At this point I have to admit, there is no critics at all about this menu expect for the salad sauce. Just yummy!DSC01203 1024x576 - DXB - ZRH Emirates Business Class

The over all flight experience was amazing and I really can understand why Emirates is such a well rated airline.
As always, tell me your opinion about my post and share your experience with me!

Thank your very much for upgrading me and my girlfriend!



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Wow! I really enjoyed reading this article. is this your personal?

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