Hi everyone, this is my very first flight review!

So let’s start, first of all I booked my flight about Emirates itself. The booking was easy as always and not that expensive, I paid about 800 CHF for a round trip. Our plane was an Airbus A380 (an older one, I don’t know the exact name).

Over to the flight it self and the check-in:

The check-in was accomplished at the check-in Terminal 2 at Zurich International Airport. Because it was school holiday at that time, so many families and couples travelled at that day, but only a few actually stayed in Dubai.

DSC01051 300x169 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy Class

So the check-in was very crowded.

We passed our time at the Aspire Lounge, which was a special offer from our credit card, to get a complimentary stay if the journey was payed with the credit card (if you want to stay there and eat it costs 35.- per person).
DSC01052 300x169 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy ClassThat’s why we took adventage of that and show you the amenities of the lounge. The Lounge is located right  against the Emirates Lounge above the gates E52/E54. The lounge is 300 square meter big and fits 100 seats into. There is a pretty cool possibility to spot planes on the outside at the terrace. Which we couldn’t use because it rained.

There was a small buffet, fitting some warm food and cold snacks like nuts, pretzel or sweets. Further there was a cold beverage section, a coffee machine and a lot of alcoholic drinks.

DSC01054 300x169 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy Class

Snacks and Wine

DSC01055 300x169 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy Class

Cold beverages and Coffee

DSC01053 300x169 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy Class

Hot dishes and alcoholic drinks

The seatings were a bit thight but really comfy. I think for 35 CHF this lounge is really good.

+ Friendly stuff
+ Good food (but not much)
+ A cool view at the runway

– no toilets inside
– pretty small

Along to the flight. I am not really a fan of the Economy classes on short or mid haul flights, they are small and just made to get as many people to a destination as possible. Unlike on long haul flights. The seat was very “big” actually really comfy. The legroom was ok, even for me and my 191cm. It was an over night flight to Dubai, so we were ment to sleep in the plane. Not possible for me… the little boy the row in front of me reclined his seat to the maximum which destroyed all my legroom and with that also the comfort over all.

DSC 0168 e1501960648782 169x300 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy Class

Hint: If you don’t ask to recline your seat don’t do it!

DSC 0170 300x169 - ZRH - DXB Emirates Economy Class

The dinner over all was good, I had braised beef with mashed potatoes, carrots and spinach. For dessert we got a vanilla creme (I think) with some fruit sauce. (the picture isn’t that good, because my cell phone is pretty bad at low light scenes) the dinner over all was good, not perfect but edible.

As always, the IFE was stunning and there were so many films. The only thing, on my seat the headphones were broken and the system shut it self down about 4 times in 5 hours. At the international Airport of dubai everything went quick without trouble, we got a taxi real quick.

Tipp: If you are planning to fly to dubai with Emirates, do yourself a favour and get an aisle seat or one at the emergency exit for additional leg room or the possibility to take a few steps while your journey.

Tell me your opinion and experience with Economy flights to Dubai! And let me know what you think about my post!



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